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MarketNet Services Include:


Spiff/Loyalty Programs: MarketNet runs some of the most successful B2B loyalty programs. That’s because MarketNet knows that a poorly run program can do more harm than good. Our support team is available for answering questions by e-mail, phone or fax to ensure the programs operate smoothly. We only pay on qualified products and check for duplicates reports. We issue payments in a timely fashion, normally within two weeks, to keep both manufacturers and customers satisfied. More
Fulfillment: From our warehouses MarketNet goes beyond the pick-and-pack operation. We send and assure delivery of materials, putting the “human touch” on what is typically an automated and mindless process. The results are effective back-end selling! More
E-commerce: MarketNet has the ability and capacity to take your E-commerce product and design your site, promote it and sell it. For over ten years, MarketNet has been selling products successfully online. MarketNet is a full service company designed to take your product E-ffectively to markets all over the world.